Allowing any users to add content

Are you looking for a way to let your users add content without giving them permission to your secret dashboard? Here it is, Helpie has a perfect medium like front-end editor where any users can add their content without the need to give them access to your back-end.

How do I enable it?

So simple enough, Just go to Dashboard -> Helpdesk -> Helpie settings -> Core -> Enable Front-end Editing. Once you enable this, an option to add an article will appear in the top right corner of your front page.

Oh! Don’t want the articles of your users to be directly published?

Not an issue at all. You can set capabilities to your users where their article will not be published but will be saved as a Revision. Admin or the one who has approver can then verify the revision and can either approve it or reject it. You can also set the limit to the number of revisions that can be allowed for a particular article.

We also have two editors, one is the default Inline editor and other is the WordPress TinyMCE editor which is the most powerful rich text editor which has tons of formatting options available.


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