Password Protection

Feature Introduction:

Password Protection feature lets you create passwords for your Helpdesk categories and lets users access these password protected category content only after entering the password. You can assign multiple categories to the same password, and create multiple such passwords.

How to create a new password:
To create a new password,

  1. Go to WP Dashboard -> Helpdesk -> Helpie Settings -> User Access Settings -> Password Protection ( lower end )
  2. Click ‘Add New Password’
  3. New password fields should appear, you can choose the categories from the select field
  4. Then, enter your password in the password field
  5. Click ‘Save Changes’


Delete password:
To delete a password,

  1. Go to … -> User Access Settings -> Password Protection
  2. Click on the delete button new the label of the password group you want to delete
  3. The page should refresh and your password should be deleted

Update password:

To update an existing password or update the categories, just change the values in the correct fields and click ‘Save Changes’



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